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One of the most Amaing electrical engineers was a Russian emigrant, Georges Lakhovsky who made observations of the effects of electricity and radio waves on living organisms. His first book, THE SECRET OF LIFE, was first published in 1935 . The book also appeared later in Spanish, French, Italian, and finally in English.

Georges Lakhovsky, actually had hospital cooperation in the eastern United States and Paris for his work with electricity in the early part of the 20th century.Lakhovsky's device was used in the USA until 1942 and in Europe for about another 15 years. It was ordered removed from the US hospitals that were using it shortly after Lakhovsky died in 1942. He was hit by a car. Coincidence? You be the judge.

He published a book, The Secret of Life, in 1935 to describe the variety of disease conditions that were cleared in humans, animals and plants with his Multiple Wave Oscillator. He affirmed, “the cell, essential organic unit in all living beings, is nothing but an electromagnetic resonator, capable of emitting and absorbing radiations of very high frequency.”


One scientist explains it this way. A NORMAL cell has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts, an AGED cell at 50 mV, and a CANCER or ill cell is 15 mV. When a cell is in electrical difficulty the mV and the sodium-potassium balance are out. The high potential brings the cells to an equal level basically resetting them. This allows healing to occur at a higher pace without stressing the cell. And the additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting it's molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement. Basically it bolsters the field of each cell individually so they support each other more easily...

Many of Georges theories Like Tesla were, ignored in conventional medicine as in 1938, the Flexner Committee reported to the US Congress it report on medical education and branded electrotherapy as "quackery". Many of Lakhovsky's theories were only recently confirmed by Becker in his book THE BODY ELECTRIC, published in 1987.

Inside the body, our organs are kept apart by slick membranes. Inside our smallest components, our cells, a similar separation is upheld with the help of electrical charges. In the same way that reversed magnets repel each other, gauzes of negative charges prevent proteins, genetic material, and fats from sticking to each other in the wrong way.

Human Cells have Electric Fields as Powerful as Lighting Bolts -A Galaxy Insight More

Our body consists of a quantity of organs that are in turn are made up of tissues. These tissues are in turn made up of cells. When all cells cooperate with each other by being arranged in the right order (correctly polarized), then a bundling of energy happens and the organ will function optimally and strongly. If there are cells that are not correctly arranged or in the wrong order, then these cells are working against the correctly arranged cells and as such the organ performs weaker. When the amount of cells in the wrong order is extremely large and in a state of disorder, the organ will as such perform very weakly and most probably perform in the wrong way.

The Italians were the first investigators to seriously study his new science, RADIOBIOLOGY, and put it to the test in laboratories and clinics. It resulted in astonishing photographs of regenerated tissues in plants and human beings. It became indisputable fact that Lakhovsky was the first serious, scientific investigator on the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in biology. The first international Congress of Radiobiology was held in Venice in 1934. A leading authority on electrotherapy, Dr. E.P. Cumberbatch wrote: Although it had frequently been observed that the short Hertzian waves could produce heat at a distance from the transmitter, the first scientific investigation from a biological point of view was made by Lakhovsky and his colleagues who published a paper in 1924 on the effects of very short waves on cancer in plants

According to Another Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg,We have cell voltages of minus 70 to minus 90 millivoltsWhen we are born a healthy cell will have an electrical charge of between -70millivolts and -90 millivolts. As we age the electrical charge around the cell decreases; to as little as -35 millivolts by age 70 or so.

Diseased or weakened cells tend to vibrate out of harmony with the rest of the body and with a lower electrical charge. In the early 1920's, French engineer, Georges Lakhovsky, developed a frequency instrument known as the Mutilple Wave Oscillator. This device used an elaborate antenna system to broadcast millions of radiowave harmonic frequencies into the system. Lakhovsky viewed the filamentous material within the cells as behaving like resonating structures or antennas that could be stimulated with the proper external frequency (radiowaves) to help regain their normal vibratory rate, thus assisting the body to restore a state of equilibrium or health.

"Lakhovsky pointed out that all cells capable of reproduction contain in their nuclei "filaments" of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media." This filament, which may be the RNA-DNA complex, is always in the form of a spiral or helix, in other words, a coil.

Therefore, each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by an external oscillating coil. I postulate that by exciting the nuclei with electromagnetic energy a "charge" can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction.

This demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps the vitality of every call in the field simultaneously. Since each cell is an individual, and of slightly different physical dimensions, the exciting wavelengths must be multiple, and must span a broad frequency spectrum.
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According to the 17th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine If you use electromagnetic frequency which is matching the spinning frequencies of hydrogens of a particular aging tissue, its atoms and electrons will be collectively excited by resonance. So the electrons will emit their photons together and will produce an enormous bundle of coherent laser light in the cells. Since these photons can circle between molecules without loss of energy over a long time, for hours, their coordinated actions exert the astounding order and repair effect. Using pulsating specific electromagnetic fields is a true anti-aging process and explains the dramatic pain improvement in osteoporosis, non-jointed bone fractures as well as improvements of numerous health disorders.17th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine

"Any challenge to the cell, such as oxygen/nutrient deficiency, toxicity, or inflammation can degrade the gradient from its optimal -70 mV. As the gradient falters, sodium is less efficiently pumped out of the cell, resulting in edema (fluid retention) and inflammation. As the gradient falls lower, oxygen delivery across the cell membrane into the interior of the cell is compromised. Without oxygen, the cell cannot generate ATP energy; the sodium-potassium ion pumping mechanism cannot be fueled, and the gradient falls further. A downward cycle of disordered cellular physiology will follow, which can ultimately lead to cell degeneration. "

A change in mineral content of the cell, particularly an increase in the intracellular concentration of positively charged sodium ions and an increase in negative charges on the cell coat (glycocalyx) are two of the major factors causing cancerous cells to have lower membrane potential than healthy cells (Cure, 1991).Cancer cells exhibit both lower electrical membrane potentials and lower electrical impedance than normal cells (Cone, 1985; Blad and Baldetorp, 1996; Stern, 1999).This idea may mean that certain chemicals, viruses and bacteria create cancers by modifying the electrical charge of the cell surface resulting in alterations in: cell membrane and organelle membrane electrical potentials, the functions of these membranes, intracellular mineral content, energy production and genetic expression.

"It also means that therapeutic methods that manipulate the electrical charge of cell membranes, the composition of cell membranes and the content of intracellular minerals can result in alterations in genetic activity.
A healthy cell membrane potential is strongly linked to the control of cell membrane transport mechanisms as well as DNA activity, protein synthesis and aerobic energy production. Since injured and cancerous cells cannot maintain a normal membrane potential they will have electronic dysfunctions that will impede repair and the reestablishment of normal metabolic functions. Therefore a key component of cell repair and cancer treatment would be to reestablish a healthy membrane potential in the body’s cells" (Nieper, 1966a, 1966b, 1966c,
1967a, 1967b, 1968, 1985; Alexander, 1997b; Nieper et al., 1999).

The electrical charge of inflamed cells causing pain changes to approximately +30 mV. When exposed to a pulsed magnetic field, these cells are changed to a charge of approximately -90mV alleviating pain in the process. Cells that are scarred or fibrotic with adhesions have a charge of approximately -15 mV. Due to the density of the cell tissue, change requires stronger pulsed magnetic fields to be able to restore them to the optimal -70 mV. Degenerative or immune-compromised cells average -30 mV.

Nikola Tesla, and others, showed that high voltage static electricity caused ionization. This causes disassociation of structure and charging of particles in positive and negative polarity effects.

- Dr. George Crile discovered that electricity is the key to growth and health of all living organisms. Recognized as one of the top ten surgeons of all time, he could explain why and how life functions and why illness develops. Time period was the 1930's

Dr. George Crile, in a fabulous research that he devoted his life to, established that every living cell was a battery, a transducer, and a condenser. In his book "The Phenomena of Life", printed in 1936, he states, "Electricity is the energy that drives the organism." He further states, "It is clear that in the second half of life the electrical potential of the elderly patient as a whole or of this or that organ, has been very much reduced and that by so much, the margin of safety has been dangerously diminished." Hugo Fricke, working with Dr. Crile in his laboratory, found that the film which surrounds red blood cells is on the order of 3/10,000,000 of a centimeter in thickness and that this lipoid structure has an electric capacity of high order, viz., 0.8 microfarad per square centimeter. Dr. Crile further stated, "The unit of structure and of function of the living organism is the cell. Plants and animals are disperse systems of cell suspension. The nucleus of the cell is comparatively acid. The cytoplasm of the cell is comparatively alkaline. The nucleus and the cytoplasm are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore the cell is a bipolar mechanism or an electric battery, the nucleus being the positive element, the cytoplasm the negative element."

Robert C. Beck, D.Sc., a distinguished physicist, brought Lakhovksy’s Multiple Wave Oscillator to public attention. It became known among those who continued to research electricity for health as the ‘Beck antenna’. In a paper published in 1963, Beck reported: “Within this multiple-wave range of frequencies, every cell in the body can find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wavelength.”23

These cell batteries of the body are what we are planning to charge with the Integratron. Each cell has a capacity like the battery in your car. The human body is composed of over 100 trillion of these cells. Our principle of operation is as simple as applying Lakhovsky's multiple wave oscillation to Barnothy's magnetic fields saturated with Tesla's ionization to charge Dr. George Crile's cell batteries.

Nikola created machines that flooded the human body with electrical currents and strong vibrations, intended to soothe aches and promote healing. And Tesla wasn't just the inventor of the "electrotherapeutic" device -- he was also a client. He reportedly became somewhat enthusiastic to administering the treatment to himself, insisting that a session with the machine rejuvenated him on his long stretches of work without food or sleep. Tesla once let his friend Samuel Clemens try out the healing machine. The author is said to have enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Mark Clement later wrote: "In this country, owing mainly to the inauspicious time at which Lakhovsky's major work was published, very little interest has been shown on the part of those best qualified to judge of its merits.

Wave Genetics has been researched principally in Russia, by a group of scientists around Dr. Peter Gariaev, the discoverer of the DNA phantom effect. That research has recently come to an abrupt halt, as a result of heavy handed intervention by some high level "skeptics" in the Russian Academy of Sciences. Skeptics are the watchdogs of orthodoxy. Those operating in the field of medicine call themselves quackbusters, but every scientific endeavor has their dedicated 'skeptics' who watch that no new paradigms should evolve and who attack anyone coming even close to changing the status quo in science. Source

The medical profession, whose conservatism is the most formidable barrier to progress, has been notoriously slack in investigating the new radiobiological methods of treating disease as originated by Lakhovsky."

Every atom in the Universe has a frequency. Whether it's a grain of sand, a piece of steel, a plant, animal or an organ in your body, each cell resonates, or vibrates, at a specific frequency or oscillation. Your body consists of a variety of atoms, which contain photons, electrons & an overall bio-electric energy that runs through it. The way you take care of your body physically, emotionally and mentally determines how many negative frequencies or toxins are being built up in it. There are four general ways imbalance in the body is created. Through toxic substances we eat, pollution we breathe, exposure to a negative energetic environment, and how we process information in our thinking & feeling

Lakhovsky built a device called the multiple wave oscillator, which today is the basis of for electrotherapy technology. Lakhovsky's first units were built on the basis of the Arsonval effect, low voltage, high current coil transmission. The units were bulky and naturally ran hot. In 1931, frustrated with the design, he asked Tesla for help in design, which he complied. Tesla traveled to Europe where the friendship was established.

George Lakhovsky MWO from which the original design has been established came from Nikola Tesla, has in turn elaborated on his design and has done many experiments on plants, animals and people with stunning results. He has furthermore in his book “The secret of Live, Electricity, Radiation and your Body” (ISBN 0-939482-08-8) stated that cells from living organism behave themselves as small radio transmitters and receivers. When cells are irradiated with a correct polarized electromagnetic field(which has a broad range of frequencies) , each cell will pick up on a frequency and assimilate the energy out of that field. This has a tremendous stimulating and harmonizing action on the cells and thus interacts with surrounding tissues and organs.

He viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease. According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance,each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria. His method of achieving this was by means of his invention that is known today as the MWO

Ten years later Lakhovsky traveled to New York City to visit his friend Tesla. Lakhovsky was mysteriously hit by a limousine and knocked high into the air. The three men in the limousine took Lakhovsky to a hospital against his demands to be left alone. Three days later he died in the hospital. ?

What is Life? It is the dynamic equilibrium of all cells, the harmony of multiple radiations which react upon one another.
What is disease? It is the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, originating from external causes. It is, more especially, the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation. For the microbe, unicellular organism, acts also by virtue of its radiation. If microbic radiation is predominant, disease is the result, and when vital resistance is completely overcome, death occurs. If cellular radiation gains the ascendant, restoration of health follows. [H: This is extremely important, readers.] The Secret of Life


When your immune system cannot ward off a problem in your system in time, something fails. Your only defense is your immune system. By raising the oscillating frequency of every cell in your body, we are increasing the rate at which the immune system operates as well as eliminating the negative toxins that your body is trying to fight off.

The quantum fluctuations (vibrations) that make up the memory of the cells of our body start creating different "memories." This type of frequency reprogramming allows the body to remember the natural effectiveness of the immune system and regenerate back to its original state"

Genetic studies have recently shown that even tiny disturbances in this balance of charges are one of the factors that cause the hereditary form of ALS. The disease is basically tied to the SOD1 protein suddenly starting to aggregate in small lumps in the nerve cells of the spinal cord and at the same time withering and dying. When this happens the musculature becomes paralyzed," says Mikeal Oliveberg. Similar mechanisms underlie several other feared protein disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The discovery that charges play such a critical role in ALS is an important step toward understanding these processes in a broader perspective.>>> More

In a nutshell –All cells have small electrically powered pumps inside of them whose function is to bring in nourishment, and take out toxins. Imagine going into a house where the power is out. The water pumps wouldn't operate so the toilets wouldn't work. The would be no running water, therefore no showers or baths or doing dishes. The refrigerator wouldn't work so there wouldn't be any food to eat, and the food that was in there would go bad. Add to that a garbage man strike, and now garbage is piling up. As you could guess, anyone living in that house would probably get sick.
It is the same for the cells of the body. Without enough energy to operate, the cells become toxic and malnourished. Then, when presented with an infectious organism, whether it is the virus that causes cancer, or the common cold, they have lost the vitality to resist.


A state of wellness requires that our cells maintain an optimal electrochemical gradient of -70 mV. We know that the gradient is compromised in unhealthy cells. Research has shown that pulsed magnetic fields have a beneficial effect on the cell membrane’s ability to regain its optimal electrochemical gradient which supports healthy cellular functions.

There is no doubt any more that specific electromagnetic fields and their frequencies have enormous healing power. As seen in successful treatment of osteoporosis and numerous other health disorders.

Lakhovsky believed that living cells are batteries; the nucleus holds the positive charge and the cytoplasm carries the negative. If cells were irradiated with a range of electromagnetic oscillations, they could be "recharged" and thus rejuvenated. A range of frequencies is necessary because the cell and its parts respond to different frequencies.

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency.

When these outside sources of oscillations are in sympathy, that is they are exactly the same frequency as that produced by the cell, the strength and vigor of that cell will be reinforced and become stronger. If, on the other hand, these outside frequencies are of a slightly different frequency, rather than reinforce the cell's native oscillations, they might dampen or weaken them, resulting in a loss of vigor and vitality for that cell. The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person, produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body.

Do Yoiu have a Rife machine a magnetic pulser Hulda clark or Bob Beck Zapper or any other alternative therapy device,,add an MWO to your healing protocol and watch the differnce eg

Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.

The MWO described here radiates a bandwith of radio frequency energy from the audio frequencies up beyond . By actual measurement with standard field strength meters, this vast bandwidth of frequencies and harmonics can be shown. A fluorescent lamp held anywhere within close proximity of the subject glows brilliantly.

Within this multiple-wave range of frequencies, every cell in the body can find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wavelength. the electromagnetic component of the energy can and does permeate and will induce an emf in each cell. It is precisely this energy to which Lakhovsky attributes his almost miraculous "cures".

Everyone’s cells need exercise. The stresses of everyday life, toxicity from pollutants, oxygen and nutrient deficiency have compromised our cellular biochemistry. We all can benefit from the kind of total body cellular exercise that the MWO delivers.

Time Needs to Be Invested to Normalize Cell Electrophysiology
The foundation of a long-term investment in your health should include the following fundamental philosophy: Optimize the electrical charge and related nutritional status of the cell; ensure that the cells get all the oxygen and hormonal support that they need; and exercise dysfunctional cells to aid in the removal of cellular toxins. If we support the cellular electrophysiology and biochemistry, energy generation will improve, the sodium-potassium pump will begin to function normally, the cell will thrive – and so will the suffering individual!

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